AppleOnTop is an new shisha bowl that came into production in 2013. AppleOnTop has some similarities to a vortex bowls, having a spike with 4 holes at the middle of the bowl, however it is made of aluminium and it comes with a screed for the coal so it is not used with aluminum foil.

AOT - Apple on top shisha bowl

1. Pros and Cons

+ Longer and taster smoking. There no holes at the bottom of the bowls so it keeps the tobacco juices
+ Nice rubber handle that also maintains the heat providing longer sessions.
+ It comes with the reusable screed
+ Great heat management system
+ Won’t break when dropped

shisha bowl apple on top 

- Ashes pass trough the screed and get into the shisha
- Still possible burn the tobacco if it is overheated
- Very big bowl that takes too much tobacco

2. How Apple On Top (AOT) bowl works

AppleOnTop bowl is loosely packed with shisha tobacco and covered with its bowl-like screen. In the screen we place the charcoals. When the shisha tobacco is heated from the air that passes through the coals. The heated tobacco releases the aromatic vapors (smoke) which is then filtered though the shisha pipe and smoked.

In addition you can use the Provost heat controller for more efficient heating of the tobacco.

3. Brands - Sellers - Cost

3.1. Unbranded AppleOnTop bowl

    Price: 15-30 USD
    Material: Silicone  Price: 8-12 USD
    Seller: Ebay, AliExpress

3.2. Original AppleOnTop bowl

    Price: 40-50 USD
    Seller: AppleOnTop, Ebay and almost everywhere

4. How to pack an Apple on top

Lossly pack tobacco. Load the vortex bowl with shisha tobacco up to 2-3 mm below the top of the spike. Do not overfill. 


5.Best YouTube videos for Apple on Top