Egyptian shisha bowls are clay or ceramic bowls with 4-6 holes at the bottom of the tobacco container. Egyptian Bowls are the most widely used shisha bowls.

Egyptian shisha bowl types and brands

1. Pros and Cons

Low cost. Widely available and cheap bowl.

Ash contamination. Ashes pass trough the foil and get into the shisha.

Possible burning of the tobacco. The tobacco heats unevenly and from time to time the tobacco overheats (burns) giving a bitter tasteless smoke.

Breaking. Clay and Pyrex bowls can break.

2. How Egyptian bowl work

We fill the bowl with tobacco and cover it with aluminium foil. On top of the aluminium foil we place the charcoals. The heat from the coal warms up the tobacco starts vabor. When the user of the water-pipe sucks air the tobacco vapor/smoke passes through the water and come to the users mouth.

3. Egyptian bowl price, brands and sellers

3.1. Unbranded Bowls

When it comes to Egyptian bowls, there are plenty of sellers online with quite similar products. The quality and prices of the bowls vary.

  • Many cheap clay bowls are available on Ebay, Aliexpress and elsewhere
  • Price: From 2-7 USD
  • Material: Clay, Ceramic
  • Buy online: Aliexpress, eBay
Cheap clay bowls for shisha

To get an idea about the quality of a bowl, check the holes and the shape of the bowl. The holes of quality bowls are spaced evently and the holes are more round. Regaring the shape of the bowl, good quality bowls have are more symmetric, a sign the craftsman have put the necessary attention on the bowl. Good quality goes together with good craftsmanship.In the photos below the bowls at the right are of a better quality compared to the bowls at the left.

3.2. Mya Shisha Bowls

Mya is one of the most popular shisha pipe suppliers in US and Europe. Mya offers a standard ceramic bowl of good quality. Price is similar to that of good quality unbrand clay bowls.

Mya Standard Egyptian Bowl
  • Mya clay bowls are available on eBay, AliExpress and elsewhere.
  • Price: 3-6 USD for standard Bowls and 6-8 USD for the MYA Bevel Bowl
  • Material: Clay, Ceramic
  • Buy online: Myahooka (Good Price), EBay,


3.3. Nargilem Professional

Nargilem Professional is German designer, manufacturer and seller of good quality shisha bowls. 

Egyptian Shisha Bowl Nargilem Smart
  • Price: Prices range from 5-10 USD
  • Material: Clay, Pyrex
  • Company website: Nargilem

3.4. Aladin standard Egyptian Bowl

Aladin is German maker of shisha products

3.5. KAYA Shisha - Multihole Egyptian bowls

KAYA Shisha is German maker and seller of shisha products. Nice products however I do not like that they do not accept paypal

  • Price: Prices range from 1-3 uds
  • Material: Clay, Pyrex
  • Buy online at Kaya Shisha

3.6. Hydra Bowl

Hydra Bowl

4. How to pack a shisha bowl

Load the vortex bowl with shisha tobacco up to 2-3 mm below the top of the spike. Do not overfill. Lossly pack

5. Best youtube videos for Shisha Bowls