Inverted Bowl is quite new concept comprising of two bowls. In the bottom bowl we put the coals and on the top Inverted bowl we load the shisha tobacco. 

Flip Invereted Shisha Bowl
Flip Invereted Shisha Bowl

1. Pros and Cons

+ There is less ash reaching the shisha tobacco.
+ Easier to handle the charcoals.
+ Safer regarding the risk of fire from dropped charcoal
+ Won’t break when dropped
+ Easy heat management as you can increase or reduce the heat going to the tobacco by adjusting the distance of the coal bowl

- Tobacco juices dripping through the foil holes and on the charcoals (especially the extra juicy tobacco)

- Overall good heat management but it is still possible burn the tobacco if it is overheated


2. How Inverted bowl work

Hookah Flip inverted shisha bowl

3. Brands - Sellers - Cost

3.1. Hookah Flip Inverted Bowl
    Price: 35-60 USD (Amazon, ebay)  - Steel Nickel
    Price: 10-25 USD (AliExpress)
    Material: Steel Nickel

5. How to pack a flip inverted bowl


6. Best YouTube videos for Inverted bowls

 Nice Questions here:

When you put the charcoal on top of the shisha you might inhale some Carbon Monoxide but not as much as with the invereted bowl where the charcoal is under it because Carbon Monoxide tends to go up no down. I personally believe that your are almost in the same condition