A Phunnel bowl does not have holes at the bottom of the bowl. Instead, Phunnel bowls have an open hole spike at the middle of the bowl as shown in the picture below.

Shisha hookah phunnel bowls

1. Pros and Cons

Better heating of the shisha. Because of the spike at the middle, the foil and the charcoals are kept in a distance from the shisha tobacco. Thus, it is difficult to overhead and burn the tobacco.

Maintains shisha juices for longer time.  Compare to traditional shisha bowls, Phunnel Bowls do not have holes at the bottom and hold the tobacco juices for longer time. Juice can not drain trought the holes.

Good smoke taste and smell. If user is carefull not to overheat (burn) the tobacco then the taste of the smoke is good throughout the session.

Low cost. Widely available and cheap bowl. Many variations of the bowl are available.

Ash contamination. Ashes pass trough the foil and get into the shisha.

Possible burning of the tobacco. Still possible burn the tobacco if it is overheated.

Breaking. Clay and Pyrex bowls can easily break.

2. How Phunnel bowls work

The Phunnel bowl is packed with shisha tobacco and covered with foil. On top of the foil we place charcoals to heat up the shisha. When the shisha heats to more than 120°C we start to get smoke that passes through the holes at the top of the spike. The smoke is then filter through the water and inhaled by the user.

3. Phunnel bowl prices, brands and sellers

3.1. Unbranded Phunnel Bowls

Unbranded Phunnel bowls are sold online for 5-7 USD on a variety of colors and qualities.

  • Material: Clay   Price: 5-7 USD
  • Material: Silicone  Price: 8-12 USD
  • Seller: Ebay and almost everywhere
Cheap clay Phunnel bowl for shisha smoking


3.2. Tangiers Phunnel Bowls

Tangiers is US company that produces Tangiers brand of tobacco and Tangiers bowls. Both the tobacco and the bowls is said to by handmade. Tangiers is the creator of the phunnel bowl

Tangiers Phunnel Bowl - Tangiers Hookah bowls
Tangiers Phunnel Bowl - Tangiers Hookah bowls


3.3. Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl

Hookah John offers and a smaller version of Tangiers Punnel Bowl, called "HJ Alien Mini Phunnel Bowl"

3.4. Kaloud Samsaris Bowl

The US company Kaloud Produces the silicon Phunnel bowl with the brand name "KALOUD SAMSARIS". We wouldn't suggest using this product since the charcoal temperature (approx. 300 C) is at the limits of any FDA approved silicon rubber. 

Tangiers Phunnel Bowl price
Tangiers Phunnel Bowl full package of Tangiers Shisha bowl
Samsaris Vitria Bowl by Kaloud
Samsaris Vitria Bowl by Kaloud

3.5. OG phunnel bowls

HAND MADE & PRODUCED IN THE USA. In the photo below is the OG Predator Phunnel bowl

  • Material: Clay  Price: 30 USD
  • Sellers:  OG Bowls
OG Predator Phunnel bowl

3.6. Titan Phunnel Bowls

I believe this is a Brazilian made bowl that is sold in Europe but rarely found in US. The quality seems great.

Titan Phunnel Bowls for Shisha

3.7. Stone Hookah Bowls (Genesis Bowls)


3.8. Wooden Shisha Bowl


Wooden Shisha Bowl - Wooden Hookah Bowl
Wooden Shisha Bowl

3.9. Hoob Peak | Phunnel Bowl

The Hoob Peak bowl was designed by Hoob hookah to fit Hoob's line of unique shisha pipes.

Price: 16.20 USD
More info: Hoob Hookahs

Hoob Peak | Phunnel Bowl
Hoob Peak | Phunnel Bowl

4. How to pack a Phunnel bowl

Lossly pack tobacco. Load the vortex bowl with shisha tobacco up to 2-3 mm below the top of the spike. Do not overfill.

5. Best youtube videos for Vortex Bowls