Vortex bowls have a spike at the middle of the bowl. The spike has 4 or 5 holes to let the smoke pass through. Compare to other types of shisha bowls, Vortex Bowls do not have holes at the bottom and hold the tobacco juices for longer time. Vortex bowls are made from clay, pyrex, silicon, aluminum etc.

Selection of vortex bowl brand for burning shisha in hookah
  1. Vortex Bowl price, brands and sellers
  2. How vortex bowls work.
  3. Advandages of Vortex Bowls
  4. Disadvandages of Vortex Bowls
  5. How to pack a vortex bowl
  6. Best youtube videos for Vortex Bowls


1. Vortex Bowl price, brands and sellers

1.1. Sahara Smoke Vortex Bowls. Sahara Smokes seems to be the first to produce and patent a vortex bowl. On their website there is a huge variety of shisha bowls. The Goliath vortex bowl and the pyrex bowls are quite popular.

  • Price Range: 9-25 USD
  • Materials: Clay, Pyrex
  • Sellers: By online at Sahara Smoke
Vortex bowls by Sahara Smoke Company

1.2. Unbranded Vortex Bowls Unbranded shisha bowls come usually cheaper. The quality varies from very low to high even very high, you just need to make the right choice. Look out to see symmetric bowl, symmetric holes carefully made.

1.3. Nargilem Professional Vortex Bowls Nargilem Professional is a German company that make all types of vortex bowl. The quality, designs and prices are very good.

Nargilem vortex Bowls from Germany
  • Price Range: 5-25 USD
  • Materials: Clay, Pyrex
  • Buy online: Shisha-deal

1.4. KAYA shisha Kaya shisha produces a variety of shisha bowl. It has two vortex bowls, the Saphire 4Tex and the Kaya 4Tex

KAYA Shisha vortex bowl head
  • Price Range: 3-7 Euro
  • Materials: Clay ceramic
  • Buy online: Kaya shisha

1.5. AMY Deluxe


2. How vortex bowls work

Vortex bowls work similarly to other common types of shisha bowls. The vortex bowl is loaded with shisha tobacco and on top of the bowl goes the aluminium foil and the charcoals. When the shisha tobacco is heated to more than 120°C it is hot enough and it vaporizes giving the shisha smoke that passes through the holes of the spike to goes to the rest of the processes.

shisha vortex bowl how it works


3. Advandages of Vortex Bowls

  • Good heating of the shisha tobacco. The spike at the center of the bowl keeps the foil and charcoal in a distance from the shisha tobacco. Thus, there is no direct contact of foil with the tobacco the chance of overheading and burning the tobacco is less.
  • Maintains shisha juices for longer time. The juices do not drain easily because there are no holes at the bottom of the bowl
  • Good smoke taste and smell. If the tobacco is heated uniformly at about 130-150°C throughout the session, without occasionally overheating and burning the tobacco.
  • Low cost. Widely available and cheap bowl.


4. Advandages of Vortex Bowls

  • Ash contamination. Ashes pass trough the foil and get into the shisha
  • Possible burning of the tobacco. It is easy to overheat and burn the top layer of tobacco if the bowl is not packed correctly and not controlling the heat during smoking.


5. How to pack a vortex bowl

Load the vortex bowl with shisha tobacco up to 2-3 mm below the top of the spike. Do not overfill. Lossly pack


6. Best youtube videos for Vortex Bowls

Nice video from Hookah Rev that explains a bit about vortex bowls, how to pack and how to maintain


How to load a votex hookah bowl