1. Meduse

Meduse is company from the Czech Republic that produces shisha pipes with the shape of a meduse. Meduse shisha pipes have an great design and good craftsmanship. A small drawback is the glass bowls. For the rest is a great pipe. Prices start from 800 USD. More information at https://www.meduse-experience.com

Medouse Shisha Pipe

2. Fumo Hookah pipes

Fumo Designs a company from California, USA. They produce a variety of shisha pipes with very nice designs. Fumo designs is quite an innovative company with new products introduced every year. Prices for popular Fumo shisha pipes start from 450 USD. More information at http:/http://www.fumodesign.com

3. HekkPipe

HekkPipe as shisha pipe company from Estonia. HekkPip produces a simple, lightweight, portable shisha pipe. They currently have three similar products:

  • Hekkpipe Active - Price € 125
  • Hekkpipe Hexagon - Price € 195
  • Hekkpipe Deluxe - Price € 295

More info at: http://hekkpipe.com/

Hekkpipe Shisha Pipes

4. Desvall

Desvall is a Swedish shisha pipe company. They produce handmade pipes with exceptional materials and their distinctive design. The prices are exceptionally high 40,000 USD and above. Desvall claims that the quality of smoke produced by their shisha pipes is exceptional. However, this is definitely not true as their pipe uses the same principles as any shisha pipe. More info at: http://desvall.com/

Desvall Shisha Pipes

5. Shapes Hookah Pipes

Shapes a hookah pipe company from Russia. Shapes product line has three types of glass pipe. I personally believe that Shape's design is very nice and the quality great however the price are quite high. The prices for Shapes pipes are:

  • Shapes Primo: 220 $ (shown below)
  • Shapes Basic: 330 $
  • Shapes Frost: 250 $ 

More info at Shapes product catalogue

Shapes pipe
Shapes Prime - A shisha pipe from Shapes

Video Reviews of Shapes Pipes

6. 1001 Hookah Pipe

It is a modern hookah pipe made in Italy. As per the producers description it uses anodized aluminum, polished brass, crystal clear glass and machined with great attention to detail. The price is 600,00 € + shipping cost. More info at http://thousandandone.org

1001 Shisha Pipe

7. Kalyan Bali

Handmade hookahs pipes, many sold in Russia. Every pipe is a unique, individual design. Unique, beautiful designs with prices starting at 1400 USD. More information at http://kalyanbali.ru and at VK https://vk.com/album-53850731_186691997

Kalyan Bali

8. insahAR wooden shisha pipes

Price 334 USD - Produced in Brno, Czech Republic. For more infromation visit http://insahar.com or https://www.facebook.com/insahAR/

insahAR shisha pipe from Czech Republic.

9. Oduman N1  + Oduman N2

Turkish Made Hookah - Two models produced so far. Oduman N1 and Oduman N2. The brand ODUMAN was established in 2014 and released the Oduman N1 in 2014
Price $175.00


10. Hoob Atom

Modern Hookah Pipe. It has a very low center of mass, magnetic sypport of the cap and overall nice design.
Price $310

Hoop Hookahs - Atom hookah pipe

11. Alien Shapes

Alien Shapes is a company form Bulgaria with pipes that seem to be good copies of the Shapes Pipes. More information at http://aliehttp://alienshapes.com/nshapes.com/

Alien Shapes

12. Lavoo

Lavoo offer glass hookah pipes with prices starting from 185 USD. Lavoo US, LA company. More information http://www.lavoohookah.com/

Lavoo Hookah Pipes

13. Monarks hookah

 Hookah Pipe from Paris France. Prices start from 130 Euro. More info http://monarkshookah.com

Monarks Hookah.
Monarks Hookah