A shisha pipe has 4 parts:

  • The Bowl - the bowl holds the shisha tobacco.
  • The Vase - the smoke passes throught the water in the vase for cooling and filtering
  • The Stem - its the vertical pipe from the bowl to the vase.
  • The Hose - for sucking the smoke.

The shisha tobacco [3] is loaded in the bowl [4]. The bowl is covered with aluminium foil [2] that is puched with small holes. On the foil we place hot coconut coals [1] that heat up the tobacco and the the air that passes though the coal into the bowl.

Λειτουργία Ναργιλέ. Πως λειτουργεί ο ναργιλές
The parts and the name of shisha parts. 

As the user inhales through the hose [6], the existing air in the vase is removed an underpressure is created in the vase. Because of the underpressure new air passes thought the coals heats up and then passes through the bowl and warms up the tobacco. The warm tobacco releases vapors that blend with the air and produce the shisha smoke.

Τα μέρη και τα ερξαρτήματα του ναργιλέ
Τα μέρη του ναργιλέ.

The shisha smoke passes through the vertical stem and come out from the tip of the stem which sits 2-3 cm below the water surface. As the are leave the tip and moves upward to the water sureface it is filtered and cooled down.

Last it reaches the user through the hose.