In a traditional shisha pipe filtering is almost insignificant and as a result the smoke is not filtered and not cooled adicuately. Filtering is insuficient because of the small filtering length of the shisha pipe. Filtering lenght is just 2-3 cm (the length of the vertical path from the tip of the stem to the water surface in the vase). Insufficient filtering has two effects:

1) The smoke has small particles that are slowly deposit on the hose. After 10-15 smoking session those depositions get bigger in size and leave the inner surface of the hose as the user inhales. The user feals those pieces as small particles of sand that get into the mouth.

Inside shisha Hose new Μαρκούτσια - Λάστιχο - ναργιλές εσωτερικά

Inside shisha Hose new Μαρκούτσια - Λάστιχο - ναργιλές εσωτερικά

2) Due to the insufficient filtering the lungs of the user is are affected by undesirable substances.