Traditionally, shisha bowls are clay bowls with holes at the bottom (Egyptian and Syrian bowls). Over the past few years new types of shisha bowls have entered the market. Below is a summary of the main shisha bowls. By clicking the '"Read More" link you will find extensive information about each shisha bowl, its pros and cons, bowl prices, where to buy, how to pack the bowls and reviews.

Shisha bowl - hookah bowl types

In total there are 9 shisha bowl types: Egyptian bowls, Vortex bowls, Phunel bowls, AppleOnTop bowl, Inverted Bowl, Glinder Bowl, Crown Bowl, Syrian Bowls and Electric Bowls. Below is a short description of each bowl type and links for more reading.

1. Egyptian Bowl

Egyptian shisha bowls are clay or ceramic bowls with 4-6 holes at the bottom of the tobacco container. They are the most widely used shisha bowls. Read more...

Egyptian shisha bowl types and brands

2. Vortex bowl

Vortex bowls have a spike at the middle of the bowl with 4-5 holes at the sides of the spike. Compare to other types of shisha bowls, Vortex Bowls do not have holes at the bottom and hold the tobacco juices for longer time. Read More...

Selection of vortex bowl brand for burning shisha in hookah

3. Phunel Bowl

Phunnel bowls do not have holes at the bottom of the bowl. Instead they have an open hole spike at the middle of the bowl. Read More...

Shisha hookah phunnel bowls

3. AppleOnTop Bowl

AppleOnTop is an aluminum bowl that comes with a screed and a rubber holder that maintains the heat and allows you to catch the bowl with bare hands. Read more

AOT - Apple on top shisha bowl

4. Inverted Bowl

Inverted Bowl have two bowls. In the bottom bowl we put the coals and on the top Inverted bowl we load the shisha tobacco. Read more...

Inverted shisha hookah bowl

5. Crown Bowl

The Crown Hookah bowl was introduce by Minzari. A crown bowl uses the same concept as an Inverted Bowl, however is more functional and better-looking. Read More...

crown hookah bowl

6. Glider Bowl

In 2013, Elite Hookah introduced the Glinder Bowl to fruition. It is a product that attempts to solve the messy task of packing a hookah bowl. Read More...

Elite Hookah, glinder bowl

7. Ebowl (Electronic and Electric Bowls)

Electric Shisha bowls do not used charcoals or tobacco. They work like electronic cigarettes. Read More...

electric hookah bowl

8. Syrian Bowl

Syrian shisha bowls are similar to egyptian bowl but with a norrower base that fits into the step pipe of the hookah. Thery are clay or ceramic with 4-6 holes on the bottom of the tobacco container. Read More...

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